About Valco Fittings

Precision machining, finishing, and tolerances

The machining methods used by different manufacturers to finish the detail of compression fittings vary in several ways that affect performance, as shown below. The fitting on the left is the best choice for high performance fittings, as the tube fits squarely into the bottom of the detail. This is the detail used in Valco and Cheminert high pressure fittings.

Some fitting manufacturers omit a critical finishing operation which makes the bottom of the detail square, leaving the shape of the typical tapered drill bit instead. This results in the fitting shown below on the right, which introduces extra volume and mixing potential. VICI uses proprietary tooling specifically designed to produce the same high precision detail in every Valco and Cheminert fitting.

no dead volume introduced

Although sometimes the tube end may seal in the bottom of the detail, the intent is for the seal to be made at the ferrule. This leaves the possibility of seepage up around the tube and into the minute cavities between the end of the ferrule and the bottom of the ferrule seat. The probability of this seepage increases when there is an excessive variance between the tubing OD and the diameter of the counterbored pilot in which it sits, and between the ferrule OD and the ferrule ID at the point where it "bites" or crimps the tubing.

The possibility is virtually eliminated in VICI's fittings, which are manufactured with the precise dimensions and tolerances that chromatographic applications demand. Use of VICI precut tubing, which is manufactured to quality standards in excess of most commercial tubing, further assures the best fitting connection.

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  1. No tubing deformation
  2. Interchangeability
  3. Cleaning procedures
  4. Precision Machining, finishing, and tolerances
  5. Comparison of compression fitting designs


The analytical devices market has attracted numerous companies which copy Valco/ Cheminert designs. Please exercise caution in the use of copies, which may not be compatible with the original versions in this catalog.

Because of VICI's high volume production and dedicated machinery, our fittings are often less expensive and of consistently higher quality than competing copies.