World's first True Nano™ UHPLC!

nano HPLC

The integrated nanopump/injector comprises an entire chromatographic system in a small footprint weighing a few pounds. With true nanoscale 360 µm fittings and extremely low flow rates, this system provides split-free injections as close to the detector as possible.

360 µm tube to 1/16" fitting

360 um FS to 1/16

Our new fitting connects a 360 µm FS tube directly into a 1/16" fitting detail, with the bore of the FS tube precisely aligning with the bore of the valve.

Fused silica prep kit

fused silica polishing kit

Typical methods of cutting fused silica leave a burr. This kit includes everything needed for a simple lapping procedure which polishes the burred end into a clean, perfectly square-cut surface.

10K-20K psi injectors and selectors

UHPLC Nanovolume® injector

Cheminert UHPLC injectors, switching valves, and selectors with 360 micron, 1/32", or 1/16" fittings make it easy to minimize internal volume and eliminate dead volume. Ideal for high speed, high throughput nano flow LC techniques.

UHPLC Fittings

stainless fittings

Valco fittings are available for 1/32", 1/16", and 1/8" tubing.

360 micron stainless fittings

Our Cheminert Nanovolume® fittings are designed for direct connection (no liners required) of 360 micron tubing.


Stainless tubing is available in 1/32", 1/16", and 1/8" OD, in pre-cut or custom lengths.

Electro-formed nickel tubing is available in 360 micron, 1/32", and 1/16" ODs, and a range of IDs and lengths.

40,000 psi ultra-high pressure injector system

40,000 psi injector

The VICI 40K UHPLC injector is comprised of six miniature air actuated needle valves, plumbed to simulate the flowpath of a conventional rotor/stator injector.



Fittings which are designed to seal on the tubing face, such as MarvelX and Viper, can damage VICI valves if they are overtightened. We offer a new stator design which prevents this type of damage.

Premature valve failure can also be caused by following the instrument manufacturers' instructions to put the valve in mid-position for a leak check. If you experience this problem, contact us for a special rotor with a dimple mid-position, which allows this test to be performed without damaging the valve.