10K-20K psi injectors and selectors

UHPLC Nanovolume® injector

Cheminert UHPLC injectors, switching valves, and selectors with 360 micron, 1/32", or 1/16" fittings make it easy to minimize internal volume and eliminate dead volume. Ideal for high speed, high throughput nano flow LC techniques.

40,000 psi ultra-high pressure injector system

40,000 psi injector

The VICI 40K UHPLC injector is comprised of six miniature air actuated needle valves, plumbed to simulate the flowpath of a conventional rotor/stator injector.

UHPLC Fittings

stainless fittings

Valco fittings are available for 1/32", 1/16", and 1/8" tubing.

360 micron stainless fittings

Our Cheminert Nanovolume® fittings are designed for direct connection (no liners required) of 360 micron tubing.


Stainless tubing is available in 1/32", 1/16", and 1/8" OD, in pre-cut or custom lengths.

Electro-formed nickel tubing is available in 360 micron, 1/32", and 1/16" ODs, and a range of IDs and lengths.



Fittings which are designed to seal on the tubing face, such as MarvelX and Viper, can damage VICI valves if they are overtightened. We offer a new stator design which prevents this type of damage.

Premature valve failure can also be caused by following the instrument manufacturers' instructions to put the valve in mid-position for a leak check. If you experience this problem, contact us for a special rotor with a dimple mid-position, which allows this test to be performed without damaging the valve.