Manual Actuation

manual hardware

Simplicity and low cost are the main advantages of manual actuation. Some models can be orderd with position feedback, an option which sends a signal to start a data system when the valve is switched.

Closemount hardware w/knob

If you have a Valco W Type valve with no hardware and want a knob on it, or if you are converting an air or electrically actuated two position valve to manual use, this is what you need.

valve with knob valco valve manual hardware

Standoff assembly w/knob

If you have a valve but no actuation hardware, this assembly will allow you to mount it in an oven and actuate it with a knob outside the heated zone.

manual standoff hardware

Knobs and handles

If you already have a spare standoff assembly but lack the knob or retainer, or have an actuated valve on a standoff which you'd like to convert to manual use, you'll find what you need here.