Syringes from VICI Precision Sampling

laboratory syringes

VICI Precision Sampling's patented Pressure-Lok® analytical syringes feature a PTFE plunger tip, stress-formed by a special process to assure a leak-tight seal. The self-lubricating plunger tip stays smooth for the life of the syringe, with none of the seizing or residue buildup associated with conventional all-metal plungers.

The needle is sealed by a PTFE sleeve or packing, which effectively isolates the sample from the needle cement, preventing any possible dissolution of the adhesive or contamination of the sample. All Pressure-Lok syringes feature ultra smooth bores, easily replaceable parts, low dead volume, crisp clean graduations, and precision calibration.

Gas/liquid syringes

A range of syringes for gases and liquids, from syringes that are perfect for everyday use to syringes with pressurized storage to magnum syringes for trace sample isolation.

Liquid syringes

Syringes for liquids, with products featuring reinforced plungers and very small sample sizes (down to .01 µl), and syringes for environmental applications.

Liquid syringes for HPLC

Syringes designed specifically for valves from major manufacturers of HPLC injectors.

High pressure syringes

Models designed specifically to take and hold samples from cylinders.

Autosampler syringes

Replacement syringes for autosamplers, including some hard to find models


Probes are used to transfer liquid sample from a sample vial to the injection syringe by pressurizing the sample vial with helium.



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