A Series Syringes from VICI Precision Sampling

Series A syringe
A Series syringe from VICI Precision Sampling
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  • Integral sample storage valve
    Actuated by turning the nosepiece
  • Positive rear flange plunger stop
    Prevents plunger from blowing out of barrel at elevated pressure
  • Modular construction
    All components may be quickly disassembled for easy cleaning or replacement
  • Leak-tight to 250 psi
    Liquids and gases

Turn the nosepiece counterclockwise two turns and the syringe's integral sample storage valve is closed. Insert the needle through the septum, then start pushing the plunger as you turn the nosepiece clockwise. Carrier backflushing is eliminated, resulting in sharper peaks and better separations. When the plunger is fully depressed, the plunger face comes into firm, flush contact with the bottom of the front packing, forcing essentially all of the sample out - there is virtually no compressable dead volume remaining. The very small internal diameter of the needle also contributes to the dead volume minimization.

In addition to the characteristics which make it unique, the A Series gas syringe has all the standard Pressure-Lok features such as a PTFE plunger tip, PTFE-sealed needle, and ultrasmooth bore. The modular construction allows quick disassembly for parts cleaning or replacement.

Sample size Needle size Product No.
100 µl .029" x .012" x 2.25" 010025
250 µl .029" x .012" x 2.25" 010031
500 µl .029" x .012" x 2.25" 010032
1 ml .029" x .012" x 2.25" 010033
2 ml .029" x .012" x 2.25" 010034
5 ml .029" x .012" x 2.25" 010035
10 ml .029" x .012" x 2.25" 010036


Removable needles,
  bevel, open end

250 psi max,
  gases and liquids



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