C-120 Series Syringes from VICI Precision Sampling

  • Fixed needle
    Zero dead volume connection
  • Leak-tight to 250 psi
    Liquids and gases
  • Extended syringe barrel
    Attach a bulb or suction line for easier cleaning and filling
Series C-120 syringe
C-120 Series syringe from VICI Precision Sampling
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In addition to standard Pressure-Lok features such as PTFE plunger tip and needle seat, the C-120 offers as standard equipment a barrel extension beyond the rear flange which permits attachment of a vacuum bulb or line for easier filling or cleaning. Pressure rated at 250 psi max, gases and liquids.

Sample size Needle size Product No.
5 µl .019" x .005" x 2" 120021
10 µl .019" x .005" x 2" 120022
25 µl .019" x .005" x 2" 120023
50 µl .019" x .005" x 2" 120024
100 µl .019" x .005" x 2" 120025


Fixed needle,
  bevel, open end

250 psi max,
 gases and liquids



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