Gas purity is essential in any application requiring extreme sensitivity. Contaminant traps and gas purifiers for specific gases dramatically reduce the levels of contaminants, enhance the purity of lower grade helium, and help ensure instrument stability, reproducibility, and lower maintenance costs.

Purifiers for specific gases

gas purifiers

Purifiers from VICI Metronics are designed to go in-line with the carrier or detector gas supply. These include models which were original equipment gas purifiers for the Agilent Mass Spec and LC Mass Spec. vici valco helium purifier

Also available are VICI Valco heated helium and nitrogen purifiers, for peak purification performance.

Contaminant traps

For applications with a single contaminant of interest, high capacity contaminant specific traps are your best option, since they generally have four times as much capacity for the specific contaminant as a gas specific purifier.