Hydrogen Purifiers from VICI Metronics

gas purifiers
Hydrogen purifiers from VICI Metronics
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  • Reduce gas impurities from high PPM to low PPB levels
  • Decrease baseline noise and increase GC/MS sensitivity
  • Replace three traps with one purifier

Gas purification is critical to GC performance. Several types of contaminants are detrimental - notably moisture, hydrocarbons, and oxygen. VICI Metronics gas purifier modules are designed to be placed in-line with the GC carrier or detector gas supply to remove these contaminants from the analytical gases prior to their entering the GC.

VICI Metronics gas purifiers dramatically reduce contaminant levels and absorb a greater variety of contaminants than other gas purification products. Gas purification is optimized by a multiple bed format. Each bed functions at a lower contaminant concentration, resulting in a series of contaminant concentration gradients across the length of the gas purifier.

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Multiple bed format
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Fitting size Length Product No.
1/8" 22.5" P200-1
1/4" 22.5" P200-2




Max inlet pressure:
  1000 psi; Recommended flow:
  500 mL/min


Not to be used for purification of oxygen