Nitrogen Purifiers from VICI Metronics

gas purifiers
Nitrogen purifiers from VICI Metronics
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  • Reduce gas impurities from high PPM to low PPB levels
  • Decrease baseline noise and increase GC/MS sensitivity
  • Replace three traps with one purifier

Gas purification is critical to GC performance. VICI Metronics gas purifier modules are designed to be placed in-line with the GC carrier or detector gas supply to remove most contaminants — moisture, non-methane hydrocarbons, and oxygen — from the analytical gases prior to their entering the GC.

VICI Metronics gas purifiers dramatically reduce contaminant levels and absorb a greater variety of contaminants than other gas purification products. Gas purification is optimized by a multiple bed format. Each bed functions at a lower contaminant concentration, resulting in a series of contaminant concentration gradients across the length of the gas purifier.

See illustration of multiple bed format link
Multiple bed format
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Fitting size Length Product No.
1/8" 22.5" P300-1
1/4" 22.5" P300-2



Max inlet pressure:
  1000 psi; Recommended flow:
  500 mL/min


Not to be used for purification of oxygen