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If fittings do not make leak-tight seals, the system will not perform properly, no matter how expensive or sophisticated an analytical system's valves, columns, detectors, or integrators might be. The fittings must also be inert relative to the sample components, provide a flow path which does not induce any turbulence or mixing, and add as little volume as possible to the system.

Fitting designs which best address the aspect of added volume allow the tube ends to butt directly to each other or have bores which match the tubing bore, leaving no dead or unswept volume. Such fittings are called zero dead volume fittings.

Valco fittings

Valco fittings

The basic building block is the two piece compression fitting, in which a ferrule is compressed onto the tube as a nut is tightened offering reliability in high pressure situations and in connecting metal tubing.

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Cheminert fittings

Cheminert fittings

Cheminert fittings are ideally suited for applications requiring an inert, biocompatible, metal-free flowpath. Wetted materials are PFA, FEP, CTFE, or PEEK, and uniform flow passages minimize mixing. All connections have zero dead volume.

Nanovolume® Cheminert fittings
Nanovolume® fittings, with 100 or 150 µm bore, are ideal for high resolution capillary chromatography.

High pressure Cheminert fittings
The Cheminert line of high pressure fittings is rated at 5000 psi with fingertight nuts, well beyond the burst strength of most PEEK tubing.

Low pressure Cheminert fittings
Cheminert low pressure fittings are ideally suited for flow injection analysis, low pressure liquid chromatography, and stream sampling devices. They may be safely used at pressures up to 500 psi and temperatures to 50°C.


The analytical devices market has attracted numerous companies which copy Valco/Cheminert designs. Please exercise caution in the use of copies, which may not be compatible with the original versions in this website. Because of VICI's high volume production and dedicated machinery, our fittings are often less expensive and of consistently higher quality than competing copies.