About Valco Fittings

Cleaning procedures

Most of our state of the art CNC machines use water-based lubricants. After each part comes off the machine, it is cleaned with water-soluble detergents and then rinsed in hot deionized water. Finally, every metal fitting that we make is given a thorough cleaning with steam from deionized water at 140°C. Any critical parts processed with oil-based lubricants are baked to remove all traces. The practical result of the extra effort is this: you don't have to be concerned about solvent residues.

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  1. No tubing deformation
  2. Interchangeability
  3. Cleaning procedures
  4. Precision machining, finishing, and tolerances
  5. Comparison of compression fitting designs


The analytical devices market has attracted numerous companies which copy Valco/ Cheminert designs. Please exercise caution in the use of copies, which may not be compatible with the original versions in this catalog.

Because of VICI's high volume production and dedicated machinery, our fittings are often less expensive and of consistently higher quality than competing copies.