stainless manifolds
Stainless steel manifolds
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1/16" manifolds connect 4 to 16 inlet lines to a single outlet, and are often used to connect the outlets from several columns to a single detector. The unique angled entry of our design reduces dispersion to a minimum. Standard materials are 300 series stainless and PEEK.

1/8" manifolds connect 4 to 12 inlet lines to a single outlet, and are typically used in a gas distribution system to minimize the number of fitting connections.

The inlet bore on 1/16" manifolds is 0.25 mm (0.40 for the PEEK 16 inlet version), with an outlet bore of 0.75 mm. In the 1/8" models, all inlets and outlets are 2.0 mm.

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  • A manifold used with an SD flowpath multiposition valve allows HPLC column selection with a single valve. (Illustration)
  • To surface mount a cross, tee, or manifold, use a CR4 clamp ring, which screws to a panel and clamps the fitting boss.