HPLC Column End Fittings

hplc column end fittings

Although our column end fittings look like ordinary reducing unions, they are machined with a conical recess to match a specific column ID so that there are no abrupt or irregular diameter changes which can cause loss of theoretical plates. This optimization results in an assortment of column end fittings for each column OD. To receive full benefit of this design, use column end fittings only with the specific column ID for which they are intended.

The newest addition to VICI's line is the Cheminert Nanovolume® column end fitting. These all-PEEK fittings feature fingertight zero dead volume connections with 100 or 150 micron bore. PEEK sleeves permit use with any fused silica tubing.

column end fittings
External and internal HPLC column end fittings
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Nanovolume® column end fittings

internal unions

Nanovolume® column end fittings work with a variety of tubing, including PEEK, fused silica, and 1/32" electroformed nickel.

Microbore column end fittings

microbore column end fittings

Microbore column end fittings have a .25 mm bore. We offer versions with internal or external fittings, with or without a 2 micron frit installed.

Analytical column end fittings

analytical column end fittings

Analytical column end fittings have a .4 mm bore. We offer versions with internal or external fittings, with or without a 2 micron frit installed.

Semi-preparative and preparative column end fittings

semi prep and prep column end fittings

Semi-preparative and prep column end fittings have .4 mm and .75 mm bores, respectively. All make up on the column with external fittings, and are available with or without a 2 micron frit installed.

Post column reaction tees

post column reaction tee

Post column reaction tees are column end fittings with a third connection perpendicular to the normal flowpath. Available in a full range of sizes for HPLC columns.

Replacement frits

frits for column end fittings

Replacement frits for our column end fittings are available in titanium, stainless, and Hastelloy C. ODs are 1/16", 1/8, 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", and 1".


guard columns

Our standard precolumns, available in two lengths, are typically used as a guard column. The fingertight cartridge type is designed for use as a precolumn or concentrator, or for any applications requiring frequent changes.




  • When packing columns, use Valco's through-type unions to couple the column to the packing reservoir.
  • Standard column end fittings are Type 316 stainless, but since the column wall and frit form over 99% of the column surface area, standard fittings with titanium frits can generally be used on inert columns.