Male Pipe to Valco Internal Adapters

male pipe to internal adapter

Male pipe adapters make a minimum volume connection from the female pipe fittings on pressure gauges and regulators to Valco zero dead volume internal fittings.

Standard material is 300 series stainless. Also available in Hastelloy C and titanium versions.

Description Bore Product No.
1/8" NPT male to: 1/16" ZDV 1.0 mm PZA21
1/16" ZDV 1/16" PZA21T
1/8" ZDV 1.0 mm PZA22
1/4" NPT male to: 1/16" ZDV 1.0 mm PZA41
1/8" ZDV 1.0 mm PZA42*
1/8" ZDV 2.0 mm PZA42L
1/4" ZDV 4.6 mm PZA44L*

* Available as a special order item.
  1/2" to ZDV also available.

Pipe thread sizes

NPT, National Pipe Thread, is a standard developed a long time ago by people without rulers. 1/8" NPT is nowhere close to 1/8"! Measure the diameter of the fitting across the narrow end. You can also count the number of threads in a 1" section. Then look at the illustration below to determine the correct size needed. pipe fitting dimensions




Because of their dead volume and the risk of thread leaks, pipe fittings are a poor choice for trrace gas analysis. Thread sealants, particularly PTFE tape, cannot boost their performance to adequate levels. For trace gas applications, choose Valco zero dead volume fittings with gold-plated stainless ferrules.