Internal Nuts - Standard

stainless ZDV nuts

Nuts with product numbers starting with 'Z' are for use with all standard Valco internal fittings and most valves. They may be used with fittings from other manufacturers as well. The L (long) and XL (extra-long) types are for situations where the fitting head may be otherwise inaccessible or where interference between fittings exists, as on many Valco multiposition valves. Standard material is 300 series stainless.

Sold in packages of 10.

Size Length Product No.
1/32" .30" ZN.5-10
.45" LZN.5-10
1/16" .43" ZN1-10
.50" MZN1-10
.625" IZN1-10
.75" LZN1-10
1.00" XLZN1-10
1/8" .57" ZN2-10
.82" LZN2-10*
1.07" XLZN2-10
1/4" .70" ZN4-10*
1.11" LZN4-10*

* Available as special-order items