Internal Nuts – High Pressure PEEK

PEEK nuts
High pressure PEEK internal nuts
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Polymeric nuts are used in Cheminert polymeric valves with zero dead volume fittings. They can also be used as alternatives to stainless nuts when polymeric ferrules are used (up to approximately 175°C).

Fingertight nuts have a knurled surface designed to provide sufficient sealing force on the ferrule without wrenches. Hex style nuts allow wrench tightening; however, since they are polymeric, they can break and are recommended for use only when space is limited and fingers won't fit.

Sold in packages of 10.

Fittings size Length Product No.
1/32" fingertight .42" ZN.5FPK-10
.54" LZN.5FPK-10
1/32" hex .40" MZN.5PK-10
1/16" fingertight .88" ZN1FPK-10
1/16" hex .45" ZN1PK-10
.62" MZN1PK-10
.87" LZN1PK-10
1/8" hex .62" ZN2PK-10



PEEK nuts are intended for use only with polymeric ferrules, which seal with lower force than their stainless steel counterparts. Overtightening can result in breakage.