Tees, Y's, and Crosses for 1/32" Tubing – Nanovolume®

NOTE: Nanovolume tees, Y's, and crosses for 1/32" tubing are non-stock items, available only on a special order basis.

Description Bore Product No.
Tees 1-32 Cheminert tee 100 µm C-NTXFPK
150 µm C-NTFPK
Ys 1-32 Cheminert Y 100 µm C-NYXFPK
150 µm C-NYFPK
Crosses 1-32 Cheminert cross 100 µm C-NXXFPK
150 µm C-NXFPK



These fittings may be used with fused silica by inserting a liner at each fitting. Order separately.