Flanging Tools – Low Pressure

flanging tool

The flanging tool makes the flange which retains the standard 1/4-28 tube end fitting and washer on PTFE or FEP tubing. With this tool lengths of tubing may be easily assembled to any required dimension. The time required is only 5 to 10 seconds per flange.

Flanging tools are available for 110 VAC or 230 VAC, and come complete with tips for 0.75 mm, 1.00 mm, and 2.00 mm ID tubing, a tubing holder for gripping the tubing during the flanging operation, a razor blade for tube cutting, and instructions.

Flanging tools

Tubing OD Product No.
110 VAC CFT-110
230 VAC CFT-220

Flanging tool accessories

Description For tubing ID Product No.
Flanging tips ≤ 0.25 mm CFT-TXC
≤ 0.75 mm CFT-TC
≤ 1.00 mm CFT-TM
≤ 1.50 mm CFT-TL
≤ 2.00 mm CFT-TXL
Razor blades (pkg/10) CFT-R
Tubing holder CFT-H



These products are not CE-certified.


Cheminert flanged tube end fitting