Unions, Cheminert to Cheminert – Low Pressure

1/4-28 to 1/4-28

Cheminert 1/4-28 unions
Cheminert 1/4-28 unions
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Includes flangeless 1/4-28 fittings for tubing OD indicated.

Sold individually.

Polypropylene union bodies are for use with flanged tubing only, so are shipped without fittings, in packages of 5.

Material Tubing OD Bore Product No.
PEEK 1/16" 0.25 mm CUCPK*
0.50 mm CUPK*
0.75 mm CUMPK
CTFE 1/16" 0.25 mm CUCKF
0.50 mm CUKF
0.75 mm CUMKF
Polypropylene (union body only) 1/8" Butt connection JR-060-5

*These and unions for 1/8" tubing are available as special order items.