Replacement Liners for Fused Silica Column End Fittings

screen embedded in CEF liner

Replacement liners for Nanovolume® column end fittings adapt the 1/32" fitting to fused silica. The 27 mm liner, used inside the internal nut, has a 1 µm 316 stainless steel screen embedded in the PEEK to provide closure for fused silica columns. The 10 mm liner (no screen) is used with the external nut.

To avoid potential confusion, all fittings utilizing the Cheminert collapsible ferrule are made of black PEEK. The liners are natural PEEK.

column end fitting liners
  Length For tubing OD Product No.
Liner for FS column end fitting
(with screen)
27 mm 125 - 175 µm C-NLS1.15*
175 - 225 µm C-NLS1.20*
225 - 25 µm C-NLS1.25*
275 - 325 µm C-NLS1.30*
325 - 375 µm C-NLS1.35
Liner for FS column end fitting
(without screen)
10 mm 125 - 175 µm C-NL.15S-5*
175 - 225 µm C-NL.20S-5*
225 - 25 µm C-NL.25S-5*
275 - 325 µm C-NL.30S-5*
325 - 375 µm C-NL.35S-5*

* Available as special order items




  • One 27 mm and one 10 mm liner are included with the column end fitting on shipment.
  • Liners with embedded screens are also available for 1/16" PEEK tubing. Contact the factory for more information.