Mounting Hardware

Standoff assemblies

The standoff is an extension shaft mounted between the handle or actuator and the valve, allowing the valve to be installed within a heated zone while the atuator or handle remains outside at room temperature.

Closemount hardware

If a valve is not going to be heated beyond the temperature range of the actuator, closemount hardware often makes the cleanest installation.

closemount hardware

Knobs and handles

If you already have a spare standoff assembly but lack the knob or retainer, or have an actuated valve on a standoff which you'd like to convert to manual use, here's what you'll need.

Right angle drive

Some installations don't allow the valve and actuator to be installed in a typical in-line configuration. The right angle drive, which fits all our two position actuators, is a 90° gearbox which permits the actuator or handle to be installed at a right angle to the valve.

right angle drive