Closemount Hardware for Actuators

close mount hardware for actuators
Closemount hardware for actuators
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Order the appropriate closemount hardware for changing your valve and actuator from a standoff to a closemount connection.

Two mounting screws are included. If air and standard electric actuators require different mounting screws, two of each screw are included with the closemount hardware.

Actuator Valve description Product No.
Air or standard electric Valco two position 1 or 2 mounting holes CMH
no mounting holes CMHMP
Valco selectors all CMHMP
Cheminert (all) high pressure CMH11H
low pressure* CMH11L
Microelectric Valco two position all CMH12H
Valco selectors all CMH13
Cheminert two position high pressure CMH12H
low pressure* CMH12L
Cheminert selectors high pressure CMH13H
low pressure* CMH13L

* Closemount hardware for low pressure Cheminert valves includes the required adapter.


Actuators with valve and closemount hardware




If you need the actuator as well as the hardware, you can order the actuator complete with the appropriate mounting hardware. Select an actuator type from the navigation column on the left of the screen.