Two position valves switch back and forth between Load and Inject, or Position A and Position B. Selectors ( multiposition valves) operate in continuous revolutions by incremental steps. There are several ways to actuate each type of valve, along with a number of supporting controllers and devices to interface the actuators with computer-controlled systems.

Universal electric actuator

The universal actuator allows instrument manufacturers to use a single motor and control software to operate virtually any Valco or Cheminert rotary valve - two position or selector.

universal valve actuator

Modular Universal actuator

The Modular Universal offers the same functionality as the Universal, in a flexible design that lets you mount the motor and electronics in different locations

microelectric valve actuator

Air actuators

Air actuators are useful in situations where any spark could be disastrous, where heat could compromise an electric actuator, or where electricity just isn't available.

pneumatic valve actuator

Microelectric actuators

Microelectric actuatorsfeature automatic valve alignment, high-speed switching, and compact size.

microelectric valve actuator

Mounting hardware

Valves in ovens require a standoff assembly to keep the actuator out of the heated zone. If a valve is not going to be heated beyond the temperature range of the actuator, closemount hardware often makes the cleanest installation.

universal valve actuator