4-Way Solenoid Valve

4 way solenoid
Model 410 4-way solenoid
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4 way solenoid, CE version
Model V-SV-S52 4-way solenoid (CE version)
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This 4-way solenoid air valve with 1/8" tube fittings is the simplest method of stepping a multiposition air actuator. Energizing the solenoid steps the valve to its next position, and de-energizing the solenoid resets the mechanical ratchet in the actuator. This implementation, not recommended for two position actuators, can be useful when only a limited number of external events is available on the data system. CE-approved versions are available only from VICI AG.

Voltage CE Product No.
110 VAC 410-120VAC
240 VAC 410-240VAC
24 VAC 410-24VAC
24 VDC 410-24VDC
110 VAC V-SV-S52-110VAC
230 VAC V-SV-S52-220VAC
24 VAC V-SV-S52-24VAC
24 VDC V-SV-S52-24VDC

 CE-versions are available only from VICI AG.