40,000 psi ultra-high pressure injector system

The VICI 40K injector is comprised of six miniature air actuated needle valves, plumbed to simulate the flowpath of a conventional rotor/stator injector.

40,000 psi injector

Combo valves

Combo valves incorporate needle and shut-off valve functions, providing screwdriver-adjustable control and positive shut-off.

combo valves

Micro valves for LC and GC

Simplify your liquid or gas handling application. The unique design of the fitting detail allows a leak-free seal with no potential for rotor damage from overtightening.

micro valves

Micrometering (needle) valves

Micrometering valves combine the ease of connection of Valco zero dead volume fittings with convenient bulkhead mounting. Ideal for use as a gas control valve in chromatographic systems.

micrometering valve

Mininert valves

Mininert valves

Mininert push-button valves provide syringe access and highly dependable, leak-tight closure for screw-cap vials and other laboratory containers. When used with a glass vial, only PTFE and glass are in contact with the contents.

On/off and prime/purge valves

High pressure on/off and prime/purge valves feature quality engineering, precision machining, and extremely low internal volume (< 2 µl). In prime/purge models, mobile phase flows aroud the needle when the valve is closed, relieving the back pressure from the column. When the valve opens, mobile phase vents to waste to prime the pump.

on/off valves