Condyne Combo Valves

Condyne combo valves
Condyne combo valves
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Very similar in function to the Valco combo valves, these are the original, hex-bodied combo valves made by the Condyne division of VICI Metronics for nearly 30 years. Condyne products have been transferred to the Valco Houston location, where a number of improvements have been made.

Standard construction features an anodized aluminum body with Viton® O-ring seals. Maximum inlet pressure is 100 psi, with a maximum temperature of 100°C. Valco 1/16" or 1/8" nuts and ferrules are included.

Max. flow* Knob color Fitting size Product No.
10 ml/min Green 1/16" CVA10GS1
1/8" CVA10GS2
50 ml/min Red 1/16" CVA50RS1
1/8" CVA50RS2
150 ml/min Blue 1/16" CVA150US1
1/8" CVA150US2
500 ml/min Black 1/16" CVA500BS1
1/8" CVA500BS2
1 liter/min Yellow 1/16" CVA1KYS1
1/8" CVA1KYS2

* At 40 psi He or N2



  • Combo valves can be panel-mounted in an 11/16" or 3/4" hole, using hardware supplied.
  • Typically, the knob color indicates the rated flow, but the standard knob can be changed if desired. A longer version of the knob is also available. Consult the factory regarding these options.