As a convenience to our customers, we stock several standard tools that are useful for working with valves, fittings, and other products from VICI. In addition, we offer custom tools which are designed and machined in our factory to facilitate use of specific VICI products.

Custom socket wrench

custom socket wrench

This 1/4" socket wrench has a slot which allows it to slip over 1/16" tubing. That makes it especially useful when nuts are difficult to access with an open end wrench.

Ferrule removal kit

ferrule removal kit

Each kit includes two sizes of tapered stabbers for retreiving stuck capillary size ferrules.

Hex key set

hex key set

The hex key set has a wrench to fit any socket head screw on any VICI valve or actuator.

Open end wrenches

open end wrenches

These are standard garden variety open end wrenches which we stock as a convenience to our customers.

Pencil magnet

pencil magnet

A pencil-type magnet is useful for removing the rotor from Valco valves when the rotor must be replaced or rotated. The process of disassembly and assembly is described in TechNote 201.

Pin vise and drill index

These come in handy when an FS tube breaks in a union, or when you need to enlarge the ID of an FS adapter.

pin vise and drill index


Just what you need when you're working out valve switching and plumbing schematics. Plus, the sides are edged with metric and inch rulers.


Tightening tools for hex-head fittings

These handy tools make it quick and easy to manually tighten 360 micron, 1/32", and 1/16" hex-head fittings.

manual tightening tools

Clean-Cut tubing cutter

The Clean-Cut makes burr-free perpendicular cuts on polymeric tubing without distorting the outside diameter or closing the inside diameter.

tubing cutter

Valve spanner handle

A special tool for gripping a Valco valve body, especially useful during valve alignment procedures.

valve spanner handle