Tightening Tools for Hex-Head Fittings

manual tightening tools
Tightening tools for hex-head fittings
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These handy tools make it fast and easy to tighten hex-head fittings.

The red version is for use with C360 series 360 micron PEEK or metal fittings, while the green tool is for any 1/32" polymeric fitting with a 3/16" hex head nut.

We have tightening tools for two types of fittings for 1/16" tubing. By far the most common is the blue version, which fits the almost universal 1/4" hex fittings with 10-32 threads. The second is a black tool (not shown) for the unique one piece fitting with 6-40 threads used in our Cheminert C25G stream selector.

For use with: Color Product No.
PEEK and metal fittings for 360 µm tubing Red C360ET
PEEK fittings for 1/32" tubing Green CNFT
PEEK fittings for 1/16" tubing
   (Standard 10-32 thread)
PEEK fittings for 1/16" tubing
   (6-40 fittings in C25G selectors)
Black CGFT