Toxic Gas and Oxygen Monitors from VICI Metronics

Toxic gas monitor

VICI Metronics offers the complete G-Cal line of small, portable monitors/alarms which utilize GCI electrochemical sensors for the detection of O2 and toxic gases such as CO, H2S, SO2, NOX, and NO2. These low-cost, battery-powered units are ideally suited as a personal monitor for field use, but have a sensor cable option for remote sampling. Monitors feature a preset audible and visible alarm, with the gas concentration displayed in ppm or as a percentage.

Monitors for: CO NO2 O2 Also available: Remote cables
H2S NOX SO2 Vinyl monitor case

Oxygen monitors/alarms

Range Sensor Description Product No.
0-25% Internal Monitor/alarm GC-501
Spare sensor GC33-200
External * Monitor/alarm GC-502
Spare sensor GC33-475
0-100% Internal Monitor/alarm GC-501X
Spare sensor GC33-250
External * Monitor/alarm GC-502X
Spare sensor GC33-455

Oxygen monitors above include a sensor, instruction booklet, recorder plug, and screw driver.
* One remote cable is included with monitors with external sensors.

Toxic gas monitors/alarms

Gas Description Product No.
CO Monitor/alarm GC-401
Spare sensor GC44-300
H2S Monitor/alarm GC-701
Spare sensor GC44-700
NO2 Monitor/alarm GC-952
Spare sensor GC44-500
NOX Monitor/alarm GC-901
Spare sensor GC44-900
SO2 Monitor/alarm GC-801
Spare sensor GC44-800

All monitors above include a sensor, instruction booklet, screw driver, and span gas flow cup and tubing.

Remote cables and vinyl case

Description For use with Product No.
Remote cable Oxygen monitors with internal sensor GC501-RC
Oxygen monitors with external sensor GC502-RC
CO, NOX, NO2, SO2 GC401-RC
H2S GC401-RC3
Vinyl case GC501-505



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