Contaminant Traps from VICI Metronics

gas purifiers
  • Ultra-high capacity for the contaminant of interest
  • Application specific, gas independent
  • Capable of higher flow rates than our gas specific purifiers

For applications with a single contaminant of interest, high capacity contaminant specific traps are your best option, since they generally have four times as much capacity for the specific contaminant as a purifier. This translates to a capacity that exceeds twelve standard type "A" tanks of gas or the equivalent of over 300,000 liters of gas at standard temperature and pressure.

Trapped contaminant Fitting size Length Product No.
Hydrocarbons 1/8" 22.5" T200-1
1/4" 22.5" T200-2
Mercury 1/8" 12" T700-1
1/4" 12" T700-2
Moisture 1/8" 22.5" T100-1
1/4" 22.5" T100-2
Oxygen 1/8" 22.5" T300-1
1/4" 22.5" T300-2
Sulfur 1/8" 12" T400-1
22.5" T401-1
1/4" 12" T400-2
22.5" T401-2




Max inlet pressure:
  1000 psi; Recommended flow:
  500 mL/min