Specialized Purifiers

For nitrogen for LC/MS

VICI Metronics nitrogen purifiers are optimized for the high flow nitrogen gas supply used on LC/MS instruments. A nitrogen purifier module placed in line with the nitrogen gas delivery system removes moisture, hydrocarbons, halocarbons, and oxygen, retaining them for the operating life of the purifier.

For nitrogen generators

The purifier for nitrogen generators reduces most contaminant levels from many parts per million to levels that are below the lower limit of analytical detection, and absorbs a larger number and a greater variety of contaminants than other commonly used adsorptive materials.

For chemical ionization MS

In response to the increase in commercial availability of instrumentation for Chemical Ionization Mass Spectroscopy, VICI Metronics has developed a purifier designed specifically for the unique demands of the field.

For liquid carbon dioxide

VICI Metronics has developed a CO2 purification technology which can take Coleman grade CO2 and produce SFC/SFE grade CO2 at the point of use, resulting in significant cost savings.

Heated helium and nitrogen purifiers

The purification substrate in VICI Valco gas purifiers is a non-evaporable heat-activated gettering alloy. This stable alloy is contained in a welded assembly, so the purifiers can be used safely in industrial applications with minimal precautions. The miniature version of each purifier is designed to be installed in a GC's flow path immediately upstream of the injector.