A Tour of VICI

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VICI Valco Instruments
Houston, Texas

Welcome to the unique "campus" site of Valco Instruments in Houston – over 12 acres of woods, research and testing labs, machine shops, offices, and assembly sites, all folded gracefully among residential neighborhoods and a specialty shopping area. Our attention to landscaping and maintaining the residential feel of the area, combined with the state-of-the-art equipment inside those quiet exteriors, articulate the Valco priority of being a good neighbor while maintaining technical excellence.

entry to admin
The entry to the administration building at 7811 Westview
visitors parking
The shaded visitors' lot
entry drive
View of Westview from the entry drive
walkway past reception
Natural Houston landscaping behind the reception area
State of the art machine shop
One of our state of the art machine shops, with well over a hundred advanced CNC machining centers
walkway between buildings
Wide walkways connect the campus buildings
8300 Waterbury shipping and manufacturing facility
new shop
Additional manufacturing facility at Northwest Place
Bell tower
Our landmark at the corner of Wirt and Westview – the bell tower with a 53 bell carillon.

VICI AG International
Schenkon, Switzerland

VICI AG International, in Schenkon, Switzerland, is an independent site for the manufacturing of Valco and Cheminert valves and the handling of all VICI product lines in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and the Far East.

Front entry
Front entry to VICI AG

VICI Metronics
Poulsbo, Washington

VICI Metronics, in Poulsbo, Washington, is the leading manufacturer of devices and instruments that are used in the generation of calibration gas standards. Metronics also makes GC capillary columns and high performance gas specific purifers suitable for use in GC/MS and LC/MS systems.

office of VICI Metronics
VICI Metronics office and production facilities
new building construction
Building under construction in 2007
downtown Poulsbo

Waterfront area of downtown Poulsbo, WA

Downtown Poulsbo, Washington
Downtown Poulsbo reveals its Norwegian roots
Hood Canal
Nearby Hood Canal and the Olympic mountains

VICI Precision Sampling
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

VICI Precision Sampling's facility reflects the pine woods of the Louisiana Gulf region. Precision Sampling produces syringes, Mininert valves, and probes.

Precision Sampling office Precision Sampling office Precision Sampling office
VICI Precision Sampling's office and production facilities

VICI Gig Harbor Group
Gig Harbor, Washington

The Gig Harbor facility houses the VICI graphics department. Also in beautiful Gig Harbor is Arabella's Landing, a must-stay stop for boaters touring Puget Sound.

VICI Gig Harbor office
VICI Gig Harbor office
Gig Harbor
A flower garden on the corner greets passersby
Mt. Rainier
Mount Rainier maintains a majestic presence over Gig Harbor
Gig Harbor
The sun rises over Mt. Rainier's shoulder and past the tip of Vashon island
Arabella's Landing marina
Flowers abound on the decks around Arabella's Landing marina