40,000 psi ultra-high pressure injector system

The VICI 40K injector is comprised of six miniature air actuated needle valves, plumbed to simulate the flowpath of a conventional rotor/stator injector.

40,000 psi injector

M Series syringe-free pump

syringe-free pump

The patented M Series liquid handling pump is a syringe-free pump capable of delivering a bidirectional flow to six orders of magnitude.

Hollow plunger syringes

hollow plunger syringe

The hollow plunger syringe with two integrated valves opens a whole new world of application possibilities.


The Last Drop filter/sparger combines filtration and sparging, and features a PEEK tripod connector for the solvent line and a nut and ferrule for the sparging line.

The stainless filter/spargers are made from 316 stainless and PEEK or PTFE, and are suitable for use with most solvents.