Valve Applications – Cheminert Two Position Injectors and Valves

These examples show basic sample injection techniques using Cheminert two position valves. With rare exceptions, there is no difference between switching valves and external volume sampling valves, so the same valve can be used for either function.

The unique advantage of 8 and 10 port valves is that they reduce extra column volume by combining sampling and switching functions in a single valve. This minimizes expense, maintenance, service, and risk of leaks as compared to multiple 6 port valve systems.

Format descriptions

  • Static: side-by-side view of valve in each position, much like in our print catalog
  • JavaScript: one position is shown at a time, with the position changed by a mouse click
  • YouTube: animated version delivered by YouTube

Applications, listed alphabetically

Title Valve Format
Alternate column regeneration 10 port Static | JavaScript | YouTube
Detector selection from two columns, or one column and auxiliary carrier 4 port Static | JavaScript | YouTube
Loop sampling with backflush to detector 8 port Static | JavaScript | YouTube
Microvolume sample injection 4 port Static | JavaScript | YouTube
Sample injection 6 port Static | JavaScript | YouTube