Controllers and Interfaces

Valco supports the actuation of valves with the controllers and interfaces listed below. Since our electric actuators have more control and automation capabilities built in, most of the products in this section are for expanding the capabilities of our two position and multiposition air actuators.

CONTROLLERS Used with: 2 Position Selector Function
serial valve interface SVI Serial valve interface Std. electric and air actuators Controls up to six actuators from a computer. Air actuators require a DVI.
SOLENOIDS Used with: 2 Position Selector Function
manifold solenoid valves MSVA2 Manifold solenoid valve assembly (3 way solenoids) Air actuators Sends pulses of air to switch actuator from position to position, eliminating problems associated with continuous air pressure.
3-way solenoid 310 3-way solenoid Diaphragm valves Required to actuate VICI diaphragm valves
4-way solenoid 410 4-way solenoid Air actuators Simplest way to step selector air actuators
INTERFACES & ACCESSORIES Used with: 2 Position Selector Function
digital valve interface DVI Digital valve interface Air actuators Translates time events – from a data system, integrator, or controller such as our SVI – into air pulses
high speed switching accessory HSSA High speed switching accessory Air actuators For high speed switching
position feedback for air actuators Position feedback
for air actuators
Air actuators Provides a contact closure for TTL logic level signals
position feedback for manual valves Position feedback
for manual valves
Manual Valco W and UW type valves and manual Cheminert Models C1, C2, and C4 Continuous contact closure remote starts a data system or chromatograph