Serial Valve Interface

serial valve interface
Serial valve interface (SVI)
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  • For all air and standard electric actuators
  • Allows older actuators to receive commands from a computer

The serial valve interface (SVI) is a device that converts commands from a computer, via a serial port, into positional control for two position valves and selectors (multiposition valves). Each SVI can control up to four air actuated (via a DVI) or electrically actuated two position valves and two electrically actuated selectors. In addition, the SVI can be used to control other devices which require logic level, BCD, or single line inputs.

The timing program can be run in the background, freeing the computer for other applications. Two serial ports (one male, one female) allow up to eight SVIs to be daisy-chained and run from a single serial communication port.

The SVI is a self-contained unit, with its own 110 VAC (or 230 VAC Eurostandard) power supply. There is no need to open the computer to connect the SVI, because its DB-9 to DB-9 RS-232 cable connects to any available serial port. Also included is an interface cable for Valco two position actuators, and two Ansley 20-wire connectors for installation on the interface cable which comes as part of the multiposition electric actuator. For air actuated valves, optional interface cables are available for the DVI, which converts electrical signals to pneumatic pulses.

Software is supplied on a Windows-compatible CD. If different program functionality is needed, information is given in the manual which will assist in writing the necessary software.

Non-CE; use restricted within the EU.

Description Product No.
230 VAC SVI-220
DVI/SVI interface cable I-22239


This device is NOT required for our microelectric or universal actuators, since they have a data system interface built in.