Actuator Cables

RS-232 interface cable

An RS-232 cable is required for controlling an actuator from a computer serial port.

Description Product No.
RS-232 interface cable I-22697

Multi-drop cables

Multi-drop cables permit a single serial port (RS-232) to control any combination of microelectric actuators (two position and multiposition, any vintage) and universal actuators with the RS232/485 option. These ribbon cables have one female DB9 and 2 to 8 male DB9 connectors, spaced at approximately 6".

Note: An RS-232 interface cable (I-22697, above) is required for each actuator controlled serially.

No. of actuators
to be controlled
Product No.
2 I-22897-02
3 I-22897-03
4 I-22897-04
5 I-22897-05
6 I-22897-06
8 I-22897-08

Plug-and-play cables

Plug-and-play cables will allow a direct connection and control between a specific instrument and a microelectric actuator. Contact technical support for cables for other instruments.

Description Product No.
Two position microelectric to: Agilent 6890 GC V-RA-24VDC-HP6890
Agilent 7890 GC V-RA-24VDC-HP6890
Varian 3800 GC V-RA-24VDC-VA3800
Agilent 1100 LC V-RA-5VDC-HP1100
Waters Alliance LC V-RA-5VDC-WA2690
BCD cable, multiposition microelectric actuator to: Agilent 6890 GC V-EMPMCR-HP6890
Agilent Network 6890 GC V-EMPMCR-HP6890N
Agilent 7890 GC V-EMPMCR-HP6890N
For 4 and 6 column selector* to: Agilent 1100 LC V-EMPMCR-HP1100
Waters Alliance LC V-EMPMCR-WA2690
For 8 and 10 column selector* to: Agilent 1100 LC V-EMPMCR-HP1100-10
Waters Alliance LC V-EMPMCR-WA269010

* Requires a specific software setting in the actuator control module


Multi-drop cables permit a single serial port (RS-232) to control multiple actuators.

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