HPLC Column Selectors - PAEK or N60 Stator, 1/16" fittings

5,000 psi
1/16" 0.40 mm
HPLC column selector
HPLC column selection system
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The column selector system comprises two Model C5 stream selection valves mounted on a single microelectric actuator, which can be controlled manually, via remote logic level signal, or by RS-232 interface (RS-485 optional).

Valves with N60 stators include 1/16" stainless steel nuts and ferrules. Valves with PAEK stators include PEEK fittings.

Columns and RS-232 cable are not included.

HPLC column selector systems

Microelectric actuator: 24 VDC, with 110/230 VAC to 24 VDC power supply

NOTE: The two valves in these systems have mirror image stators. Please consult techical support to determine the proper product numbers before ordering replacement valves or stators.

Stator Description Product No.
Four column
N60 Complete system C5-2004EMHD
Replacement rotor C5-20R4
PAEK Complete system C5-2344EMHD
Replacement rotor C5-23R4
Six column
N60 Complete system C5-2006EMHD
Replacement rotor C5-20R6
PAEK Complete system C5-2346EMHD
Replacement rotor C5-23R6
Eight column
N60 Complete system C5H-2008EMTD
Replacement rotor C5-20R8H
PAEK Complete system C5H-2348EMTD
Replacement rotor C5-23R8H
Ten column
N60 Complete system C5H-2000EMTD
Replacement rotor C5-20R0H
PAEK Complete system C5H-2340EMTD
Replacement rotor C5-23R0H


PAEK/Valco E rotor
  5,000 psi liq at 50°C
N60/Valcon H rotor
  5,000 psi liq at 75°C


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  • 0.25 or 0.75 mm bore
  • Hastelloy C stator