Low Pressure Internal Sample Injectors - 1/16" Valco ZDV fittings

Low pressure
Internal sample
10-32 ZDV
1/16" 0.40 mm
Cheminert low pressure valve
Cheminert low pressure internal sample injector with Valco 1/16" ZDV fittings
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Model C24Z internal sample injectors are available with 0.2, 0.5, or 1 microliter sample size. Valves can be actuated manually or automated with pneumatic or electric actuators. A complete valve product number includes information about the sample size, actuator, and mounting hardware.

Valves include 1/16" PEEK nuts and ferrules.

4 port schematic

Internal sample injectors

Microelectric and universal actuators:
   24 VDC, with 110/230 VAC to 24 VDC power supply

Sample size Description Product No.
.2 µl Manual C24Z-2184-.2
With air actuator C24Z-2184-.2A
With microelectric actuator C24Z-2184-.2EH
With universal actuator
Choose interface:
Standard C24Z-2184-.2EUH
RS-232 C24Z-2184-.2EUHA
USB C24Z-2184-.2EUHB
BCD C24Z-2184-.2EUHC
Replacement valve C24Z-2184-.2D
Replacement rotor C24-10R-.2
Replacement stator C24Z-1C8
0.5 µl Manual C24Z-2184-.5
With air actuator C24Z-2184-.5A
With microelectric actuator C24Z-2184-.5EH
With universal actuator
Choose interface:
Standard C24Z-2184-.5EUH
RS-232 C24Z-2184-.5EUHA
USB C24Z-2184-.5EUHB
BCD C24Z-2184-.5EUHC
Replacement valve C24Z-2184-.5D
Replacement rotor C24-10R-.5
Replacement stator C24Z-1C8
1 µl Manual C24Z-2184-1
With air actuator C24Z-2184-1A
With microelectric actuator C24Z-2184-1EH
With universal actuator
Choose interface:
Standard C24Z-2184-1EUH
RS-232 C24Z-2184-1EUHA
USB C24Z-2184-1EUHB
BCD C24Z-2184-1EUHC
Replacement valve C24Z-2184-1D
Replacement rotor C24-10R-1
Replacement stator C24Z-1C8


Max press: 250 psi liq
Max temp: 75°C
Stator: PPS
Rotor: Valcon E2


Contact us for more info about:

  • Other polymer rotors and stators
  • 2 µl sample size
  • The purge option, which permits a flow of liquid or gas to flush the valve interior of potentially toxic or corrosive components