Low Pressure Stream Selectors - 6-40 fittings for 1/16" tubing

Low pressure
Stream selector
6-40 one piece
1/16" 0.56 - 0.67 mm
Cheminert low pressure selector
Cheminert low pressure selector with 6-40 fittings for 1/16" tubing
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Model C25G stream selector valves, with 20 positions, 24 positions, or 28 positions, use unique 6-40 fittings for flat-bottomed fitting details. Fittings are included. <More about fittings>

Stream selectors

Available only with microelectric and universal actuators:
   24 VDC, with 110/230 VAC to 24 VDC power supply

Description Product No.
20 positions On microelectric actuator C25G-24520EMT
With universal actuator
Choose interface:
Standard C25G-24520EUT
RS-232 C25G-24520EUTA
USB C25G-24520EUTB
BCD C25G-24520EUTC
Replacement valve C25G-24520D
Replacement rotor C25G-24R20
Replacement stator C25G-2C520
24 positions On microelectric actuator C25G-24524EMT
With universal actuator
Choose interface:
Standard C25G-24524EUT
RS-232 C25G-24524EUTA
USB C25G-24524EUTB
BCD C25G-24524EUTC
Replacement valve C25G-24524D
Replacement rotor C25G-24R24
Replacement stator C25G-2C524
28 positions On microelectric actuator C25G-24528EMT
With universal actuator
Choose interface:
Standard C25G-24528EUT
RS-232 C25G-24528EUTA
USB C25G-24528EUTB
BCD C25G-24528EUTC
Replacement valve C25G-24528D
Replacement rotor C25G-24R28
Replacement stator C25G-2C528
6-40 fittings

Fittings for C25G valves

6-40 fittings

As the fitting is tightened, the grooved area (supported by the stainless retainer) compresses enough to grip the tube for a low pressure connection. Fittings are included with the valve. Order replacements below.

Description Product No.
6-40 one-piece nut/bushing CNNF1PK
Tightening tool CGFT


Max press: 100 psi liq
Max temp: 50°C
Stator: PEEK
Rotor: Valcon M