Permeation Tubes and Devices from VICI Metronics

Perm tubes and other types of permeation devices provide a stable concentration of a specific trace chemical, including those with low vapor pressures.

Dynacal® permeation tubes

  • Ideal for lab environments
  • Smaller than G-Cal perm tubes
  • More accurate than G-Cal perm tubes
  • Require a temperature-controlled environment
  • Inexpensive calibration solution

Dynacal permeation devices are small, inert capsules containing a pure chemical compound in a two phase equilibrium between its gas phase and its liquid or solid phase. At a constant temperature, the device emits the compound through its permeable portion at a constant rate.

permeation tubes

G-Cal permeation tubes

  • Excellent for use in the field
  • Can be operated at room temperature
  • Can handle arsine and phosphine
  • Longer life than Dynacal devices
G-cal perm tubes

G-Cal permeation tubes offer a proven and repeatable means of generating desired gas or vapor concentrations. The permeant gas escapes through the proprietary membrane system and mixes with a carrier gas (nitrogen is the most common) at a controlled flow rate to obtain a known mixture in ppm or ppb.



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