GC Accessories

Reduced breakdown injection port liners

injection port liner

Our improved injection port liner reduces breakdown of endrin and DDT during injections while increasing the interval between liner changes.

Injector nut for HP 5890 & 6890

injector nut

This retrofit offers enhanced ferrule reusability and temperature stability, resulting in fingertight leak-free connections over the full programmed temperature range of mass spectrometry and gas chromatography.

Low mass external unions

hayesep porous polymers

The 1/32" external union is specially designed for use with capillary columns in GC. It is very low mass and does not require wrenches to seal.

One-piece fused silica adapters

one piece fused silica adapter

The one piece FS adapter, essentially a reducing ferrule, is recommended for use in fittings where the ferrule will not be removed.

Oxygen removal system

oxygen removal system

The best way to find impurities in bulk oxygen starts with using the Valco oxygen removal system to remove the oxygen, leaving behind only the impurities for analysis.