Model D-2 Stand-Alone Pulsed Discharge Detector

pulsed discharge detectors
Model D-2 stand-alone pulsed discharge detector
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The D-2 is a dual mode, universal detector system which can be retro-fitted to your older GC. The D-2-I is optimized for trace level work in the helium photoionization mode.

The stand-alone systems include detector, controller, electrometer, helium purifier, and power supply.

Available for 110 VAC and 220 VAC.

Description VAC Product No.
Mode-selectable universal electron capture/photoionization detector system 110 D-2
230 D-2-220
Detector system optimized for packed columns and trace level work in helium photoionization mode 110 D-2-I
230 D-2-I-220
pulsed discharge detectors
Model D-2 PDD with controller
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