Injector Nut for HP 5890 and 6890

HP injector nut
Injector Nut for HP 5890 and 6890
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This self-compensating nut is a direct replacement for the standard nut on the split/splitless injectors of HP-6890 and HP-5890 series gas chromatographs. This retrofit offers enhanced ferrule reusability and temperature stability, resulting in fingertight leak-free connections over the full programmed temperature range of mass spectrometry and gas chromatography.

The design of our fused silica fittings ensures stable, leak-free connections at temperatures up to 400°C, and undistorted ferrules that are easily removed and reused. Columns may be changed without the risk of the leaks which can devastate systems such as mass spectrometers or atomic emission detectors. This is accomplished with a spring-loaded self-compensating nut which provides a constant sealing force as the temperature varies.

To use this nut, the split/splitless disk must also be upgraded; the new disk will also work with older HP nuts and ferrules.

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