Valco Filters for GC

  • Bodies are "coned" for uniform flow and maximum filter surface area
  • Made entirely of metal - use at any temperature
  • Bulkhead versions for panel mounting

There are many flow elements of analytical instruments which require protection from foreign particles, such as orifices that could plug or surfaces that could get scratched. However, conventional filtering devices may have too large a volume to be consistent with good system performance in chromatographic applications. Valco's filter design results in extremely low internal volume and simplified filter element replacement.

Standard material is 316 series stainless, but filters can be made from alloys that can be used in virtually any application.

Filters with pressed frits

filters with a pressed in frit

Pressed frit filters, with the frit permanently installed in the filter, are recommended when contaminants are the exception and not the rule. 2µ stainless frits are standard.

Filters with removable frits

filters with removable frits

Filters with removable frits are the best choice for maximum filtration, or if the application requires Hastelloy C or titanium. However, they allow more mixing and tend to clog more than filters with screens. A 2µ stainless frit is included, but others are available.

Filters with removable screens

filters with removable screens

Filters with removable screens plug less rapidly and provide lower pressure drop than filters with frits. Since they are thinner, there is less mixing and dispersal than might occur with frits, but frits provide better filtration. A 2µ stainless screen is included, but others are available.

Replacement frits and screens


Frits are available in stainless, Hastelloy C, and titanium, in a variety of pore sizes. Screens are stainless, but with several pore sizes and thicknesses.




Frits and screens have significantly different thicknesses, so they cannot be used interchangeably in the same filter body.