Filters for LC and HPLC


1/4-28 inline filter

inline filter

These convenient inline filters can be dropped into any 1/4-28 fitting detail. They are constructed of PTFE and CTFE, with a 316 stainless low-pressure-drop screen.

1/16" biocompatible PEEK filter

PEEK biocompatible filter

This all-PEEK filter can be placed in any 1/16" line, providing filtration to 5 microns. The filter can be changed without tools, since both the filter housing and fittings are hand tightened.

Mobile phase filters

Last Drop mobile phase filter

mobile phase filter

The Last Drop mobile phase filter's flat filter element sits parallel to the bottom of the reservoir, allowing the Last Drop to filter all but the last 2% of the mobile phase from the reservoir without drawing air into the system.

No-Met biocompatible mobile phase filter

biocompatible mobile phase filter

The No-Met polyethylene filter with inert polymeric fittings is designed for applications in which stainless steel in the flowpath is not acceptable, such as those which involve the separation of biomolecules.

Direct-connect mobile phase filter

mobile phase filter

The Cheminert direct-connect mobile phase filters provide point-of-use filtering of common HPLC or FIA solvents. They are designed to connect directly to 1/8" OD PTFE or PEEK tubing using a simple press fit.


Last Drop filter/sparger

mobile phase filter-sparger

The Last Drop filter/sparger combines filtration and sparging in a single unit. The filter/sparger features a PEEK tripod connector for the solvent line, and a nut and ferrule for the sparging line.

Stainless filter/helium sparger

stainless filter-sparger

Our stainless filter/spargers are made from 316 stainless and PEEK or PTFE, and are suitable for use with most solvents. The sparger portion is made from 10 micron porosity stainless steel.