Valco Filters for GC - Removable Screen

filters with a removable screen

These filters come with a removable 2µ screen. The standard screen can be replaced with any screen of the proper diameter, but not by a frit. These filters are suitable for streams with frequent contamination, since the filtering element is easily changed.

Bulkhead versions are designed to be mounted through an instrument panel or on a bracket. The filter body is undercut so that it bites into the panel when the mounting nut is tightened, eliminating the need for a lock washer.

Standard material is Type 316 stainless.

Other sizes are available on a special order basis.

Filters with removable screen
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When the time comes to order replacement screens, it can be difficult to order the correct part if you do not know the product number of your filter. It is good practice to keep a record of the filter product number, or order a package of replacement screens when you order the filter, or both!

Standard Removable Screen Filters

Description Bore Screen diameter Standard Bulkhead
1/16 to 1/16" 0.50 mm 1/8" ZUFR1 ZBUFR1
1/8 to 1/16" 0.75 mm 1/8" ZRUFR21 ZBRUFR21
1/8 to 1/8" 2.00 mm 1/4" ZUFR2 ZBUFR2