Valco Filters for GC - Pressed Frit

filters with a pressed frit
Filters with pressed frit
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Pressed frit filters contain a permanently installed stainless steel 2µ frit, and are recommended for applications where contaminants are the exception and not the rule - that is, when the sample is generally clean but you wish to guard against the stray burr from a carelessly prepared tube end that might find its way into the flowpath.

Bulkhead versions are designed to be mounted through an instrument panel or on a bracket. The filter body is undercut so that it bites into the panel when the mounting nut is tightened, eliminating the need for a lock washer.

Standard material is Type 316 stainless.

Available in other sizes on a special order basis.

Description Bore Standard Bulkhead
1/16 to 1/16" 0.75 mm ZUF1 ZBUF1
Pressed frit filter
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