Calibration Gas Generators from VICI Metronics

Calibration gas generators, used with their respective permeation devices, generate known concentrations of various gases and liquid vapors.

Applications include air pollution monitoring, industrial hygiene surveys, odor surveys, and analyses in chemical, petrochemical, paper, power, and related industries.


Model 150 dynacalibrator

Using Dynacal permation devices as the trace gas source, Dynacalibrators deliver precise concentrations from ppb to high ppm for hundreds of different compounds. Portable and lab bench models.


Model 150 dynacalibrator

In these rugged portable units with G-cal permeation devices, since the permeation rate remains fairly stable over changing temperatures, temperature controlled ovens aren't required for most applications. G-Calibrators operate in ambient temperatures from 15°C to 45°C.


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