Model 505 Dynacalibrator® from VICI Metronics

Model 505
  • CE-certified
  • Temperature control with an accuracy of ±0.01°C up to 110°C
  • PPB to high PPM range
  • Two independently-controlled permeation chambers

The Model 505 contains two mass flow controlled (MFC) systems the carrier system and the dilution system. The carrier gas system uses one MFC per chamber, which typically comes from the factory with a fixed flow that passes through the permeation chamber containing the permeation device. The temperature of the chamber, which controls the permeation rate of the calibration gas from the permeation device, is tightly regulated to provide accurate, precise results. The chamber temperature is adjusted from 30C (or 2C above ambient, whichever is higher) to 110C. The carrier stream mixes with the calibration gas in the chamber and is then fed forward to the mixing tee.

In standard models (below) the dilution gas stream is controlled and measured by the diluent MFC, and feeds forward to the other side of the mixing tee. The mixture of the carrier and the diluents is then fed to the distribution tee, which allows the flow to move to the Span Out and the Overflow bulkhead connectors for distribution.

The Model 505 has one diverter valve per permeation chamber, which can be switched to provide Zero, Cham 1, Cham 2, or Cham 1 + Cham 2 stream selections. The dilution stream and selected carrier stream pass through the mixing tee at all times.

Model 505 plumbing



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